Guangzhou established a joint incubator for the blockchain blue-chip project in Greater Bay Area

While relying on the Guangzhou Headquarters of the Blockchain Alliance to construct the virtual incubator, Hong Kong and Macau-based headquarters also construct the offshore incubator. Both incubators are merged with physical incubators to become the main propellers for the joint incubator of the blockchain blue-chip project in the Greater Bay Area.

Virtual incubator

Guided by the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, the incubation entry standards for blockchain industry, public chain technology and related technology security are established. Based on the standards, the Guangzhou headquarter selects new blockchain companies and leading enterprises with great potential to enter the virtual incubator. Depending on the future space of blockchain by Guangzhou Blockchain Industry Association, the virtual incubator of the blockchain blue-chip project is constructed. Meanwhile, it also attracts funds to participate and engage in the development of the projects.

Offshore incubator

Guided by the Hong Kong headquarter, entry standards for blockchain projects, financial applications and general economy are established. Financial experts and corporate elites are gathered to analyze and study the related policies and regulations in China and Hong Kong.


Guided by the Hong Kong Blockchain Industry Association, financial experts from the Financial Committee of the Hong Kong headquarters (including but not limited to legal, financial, listing rules and Hong Kong administrative personnel) provide precise guidance to speed up the development of the physical incubators and virtual incubator project both inside and outside the district. It also attracts fund and lead the breakthrough in the aspect of blockchain finance under the Hong Kong government regulatory framework. It collaborates to cultivate potential and outstanding blockchain enterprises until they get listed in Hong Kong or work with Hong Kong and Overseas listed companies to have further development and cooperation to improve project governance, technology and continuous operation.


Greater Bay Area:


  1. To include a virtual incubator without the restrictions from the physical incubator

It mainly focuses in establishing the entry standards for the project direction and incubating enterprises and having supervision to the internal incubator mechanisms. Development hubs can also gain support from the Hong Kong headquarter through proposing specific projects, for example, medical technology blockchain project and introducing high-tech projects from Hong Kong and Macau.


  1. To include an offshore incubator

In addition to accelerating and upgrading the financial and international regulations for blockchain projects within the development zone, it can also attract the local companies that are interested in seeking similar offshore incubation services for the blockchain projects to register and settle in the development hub to allow the incubators to attract local high-quality projects to increase the quantity and quality.